Luxo Signature presents Elements. 

A true invitation to voyage into the world of the senses and the fancy, Elements pays tribute to nature with its beautiful, mysterious and unpredictable components, mirroring the mythological tales that surround it.

Combining elegance with refinement, character with softness, our new Signature Collections invite natural elements into the bathroom for a true return to our roots.

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Adorned in its most beautiful spring hues and with timeless elegance, Cora captures our imagination as the tale of the goddess does.

Associated with the cycle of life, she signals the return of light and the rebirth of nature awakening anew. 


With its colours inviting us to a rapprochement with nature as well as its unrivalled poise, Gaïa pays homage to the mother goddess of the Earth.

Considered to be the source of life, she illustrates the deep connection between humanity and its planet.


With its bold chevrons inspired by thunderbolts, Indra is a true force of character, adorned with golden accents.

Evoking power and courage, Indra, regent of the heavens in Hindu mythology, pays homage to the majesty and tumult of nature.


With its asymmetrical, atypical lines, Naïa, the nymph of the waters, embodies the timeless beauty of the deep, bewitching waters of the ocean, lulled by the majestic waves that undulate on the surface at the whim of winds and tides.

A Home-Grown Company

Founded in 1991, Luxo Marbre is a Canadian family business with extensive experience in the manufacture and distribution of superior-quality bathroom and kitchen furniture. On the lookout for new trends and innovations in the industry, our designers are constantly seeking to push back the boundaries of design and explore new concepts.

A Home-Grown Company

Our sleek, modern creations, entirely thought out and assembled in Canada, offer practical, integrated storage solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

A Home-Grown Company

Discover our new Signature collections, carefully designed pieces with a strong personality, to give character to your bathroom.

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